Script Editor: loses selection when trying to copy....

David Bovill david at
Thu Jun 14 07:20:41 EDT 2007

An annoying little pseudo-bug - Id like to see if others can confirm?

I've noticed this for a long while, put it down to a fundamental engine
thing, as it happened in MC IDE, Rev IDE and Galaxy - I think it happens on
Linux as well as OSX - but I've been using OSX for the last 3 years so I
can't remember exactly.

Basically, and only on occasions - when you try to copy a handler and as you
command-C to copy - the selection vanishes and nothing is copied. Sometimes
switching windows to other apps or typing in another text field fixes things
- but this is not consistent - one thing that always works is holding down
the shift key. If you hold down the shift key at the same time as you do
command-C - (need long fingers for that) - well the selection stays and the
copy works.

As I have found a consistent work around, I thought maybe the engine guys
can figure out what the issue is if others also can confirm it as an issue?

NB - a final silly little thing  for people on OSX that type to fast. If you
find Spotlite mysteriously opening and eating up you latest and greatest
code - go to the preferences panel and choose Spotlight and turn off the
keyboard short cut (defaults to command-space) to open Spotlight. I wish I'd
known that a few years back :)

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