controlling other programms with rev (windows)

runrev260805 at runrev260805 at
Thu Jun 14 07:12:07 EDT 2007

i´ve programmed some litte apps for automation under windows xp with a tool called MacroScheduler. Now i want to recreate this apps by and by with Revolution, if possible. Macroscheduler is among other things able to send keystrokes to other windows apps. It is also able to start other programs, wait until they´re finished and so on.
Can i realize such things with Rev? Open a windows app,waiting until this app is fully loaded, sending keystrokes to it, waiting until the programm has finished, minimizing and maximizing other windows apps.
Or should i use MacroScheduler further on?
There is no need for me to do the apps with rev, as MacroScheduler works okay.
But to improve my Rev knowledge, i need some "real things to develop". 


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