min() function anomalies

Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Wed Jun 13 17:23:35 EDT 2007

>Shari, I'd suggest submitting this as a documentation request to BZ. 
>It may be minor, but it's still worth addressing to keep people well 
>informed, esp. those who've used earlier versions or are have 
>HyperCard experience.

I will report it.

I wouldn't call it minor however, as anyone who is porting an 
existing project from either Hypercard or the original Metacard 
wouldn't expect such a change, nor would they be likely to look up 
this function in the docs.

When my code broke, even when I narrowed it down to the one line that 
included min(), I did not assume the min() function was the culprit. 
I assumed that something else in that line of code was in error, 
perhaps a misplaced "(" or some other variable with a wrong value. 
It was a bugger to track down.

As I often see folks coming onto the list asking about porting stacks 
from HC or MC into Rev, this could affect all such folks, and 
wherever the documentation or tutorials exist that walk folks thru 
the change, this notation should exist.

For original Metacard pre-merger stacks, those folks probably 
wouldn't even read a tutorial.  They would expect it to just "work" 
as I did.

Off to BZ.....

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