Open Source (was Don't you just wish Rev would do this?)

Bob Warren bobwarren at
Fri Jun 8 17:11:52 EDT 2007

Bob Warren wrote:

> > The real reason behind all of this is the fact that I am fascinated by 
> > the vision of a dancing "Rev Online" icon at the top of my IDE window to 
> > tell me that bug-fix downloads are available!  :-D 
Richard Gaskin wrote:

So if RunRev added an "Automatically Check for Updates" feature to 
compliment the the existing "Check for Updates" menu item, these sorts 
of threads would go away?  :) 

They would, they would! Especially if after clicking on the icon we were told:

 "Hello! Runtime Revolution here. We have some crucial update patches for your IDE. Do you want to download them?"

I've just clicked on the existing "Check for Updates" menu item on OSX and this is what it said:

"There are currently no updates available, please check again soon".

By the way, what does "soon" mean? Is it like the "coming soon" for the Rev/Linux update which so far at the Rev site has said "2.7 coming soon", "2.8 coming soon", '2.9 coming soon", ..............?

Every time I try to grab it, it shifts!  :-P 


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