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Tereza Snyder tereza at
Fri Jun 8 15:36:28 EDT 2007

On Jun 8, 2007, at 12:30 PM, Richard Gaskin wrote:

> J. Landman Gay wrote:
>>> On Jun 7, 2007, at 9:49 PM, Kay C Lan wrote:
>>>> For the Rev Pro, their Home stack would look exactly like their  
>>>> company
>>>> splash screen. The option to hide the Home Stack would still be  
>>>> there, and
>>>> obviously you could 'Start New Project' from a Menu, but the  
>>>> result would be
>>>> the same, your Splash Screen and Working Stack would be cloned  
>>>> from your
>>>> Home Stack template. How much time would that save you?
>>> GREAT suggestion! If, as Jacque pointed out, the IDE home stack  
>>> is functionally the same as a 'standalone' stack, this idea has a  
>>> resonant symmetry for me. Include some "standard library' scripts  
>>> and away we go!
>> But not so great for those of us who write apps for lots of  
>> different clients, each of which requires a different setup. If  
>> this idea goes anywhere, it should be an optional setting. My own  
>> preference is for a button on the Home stack that would open a  
>> custom template stack instead, and leave the Home stack alone.
> I see the value in this, but it sounds like a good opportunity for  
> a template/wizard more than a Home stack.

I see your point, and I concede it virtues. I'll always be a sucker  
for minimalist and pure solutions. Not so practical, however.


Tereza Snyder
Califex Software, Inc.

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