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> google uses a filesystem... yes, that's no relational database. It's
> not like GoogleSQL it's more like GoogleFS.
> David,
> First try to learn basics of SQL, you can go to W3Schools Learn SQL
> page <> then you can try using
> RevSQL or Valentina to play with SQL commands.
> What I do in your case was to have three tables
> Table 1: the data.
> In this table I'd hold the data, the real data, like in case of reddit
> or delicious is the URL.
> Table 2: the keywords
> In this table I hold metadata, one entry per keyword, all unique.
> Table 3: relationship between table 1 and 2.
> This table just maps relationships between keywords and data, this
> allows me to have a many-to-many relations where I can map a single
> keyword like 'oranges' to many items such as all the products that are
> orange-like and to map one product like 'maltese orange' to various
> keywords such as 'make-nice-soft-drink', 'orange',
> 'expensive-outside-malta'.

You can see PICTURE with example of such design right on this page:

See FIRST picture on page

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