Launching Visual C++ 2005 Applications

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Thu Jun 7 00:48:35 EDT 2007

I know it sounds like a contradiction, but yes I can get Revolution to launch my program, but I does not run as if I double-cliced it in Windows. Let me explain. It is a command line program, so when I double-click the exe, it "runs" meaning that a black window pops up and a welcome message and various text prompts from the program appear. However, when I tell Revolution to open it via either "open process" or "launch", all that happens is a black window appears, but the program does not "run" i.e. no text from my C++ program appears.

I do not believe it is strictly a Revolution problem since I can launch other programs with "open process" and "launch" without any problem - but it's not a Visual C++ problem either, since every other way I try to run the program works (double-clicking or typing the path in Windows' command line interface).

The only thing I wonder about would be some mysterious parameter I could include in my "open process" statement which would actually stimulate the program to run, but I obviously don't know.

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> Well, it's a little hard to guess at what you want. You say the
> program is "launching" but not "running". What's it not doing that you
> expect it to do?
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