OT: Open Source (was Don't you just wish Rev would do this?)

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com
Wed Jun 6 17:01:01 EDT 2007

Wasn't HyperCard "semi-open-source" way back because of XCMDs and XFCN?... A
tool like CompilIt made it easier for non-C coders to develop an extension
for HC for their own purpose.  I don't think Rev has that facility that same
way, but couldn't Rev become "semi-open-source" by providing a tool like
CompilIt, fully documented and supported with an easy path designed to bring
cool and widely used X-things into the IDE  ... Jim

on 6/6/07 12:32 PM, Shari wrote:

>> A lot of coders I know are moving to the Open Source world for the
>> simple fact that they can fix it. One case: Seeing RunRev lacking
>> certain 'facilities' (3D was high on his list, and yes, I am aware
>> of the plugin from igame3D) he couldn't believe that a modern
>> 'language' didn't have it built in and wasn't about to 'write an
>> external' for something that should have been 'internal'.
> I don't mind having plugins available to enhance something.  And I
> know that many of the plugins available for Rev were created by folks
> on this list, often to make their own lives easier and later, shared
> with us as a community, or available for sale from independent
> developers. I've finally just installed my first one :-)
> This makes more sense to me than Open Source.  There is a definitive
> command structure, and responsibility structure, and while things
> don't always flow exactly as one person might wish, they do flow and
> it does work.
> The whole issue of GUI's comes to mind, as well.  Folks created
> various user interfaces for how we use Revolution (I use the Metacard
> interface personally).  This doesn't mean they are Open Source.  Nor
> does it mean that Revolution itself should be.  They simply add
> functionality to Rev, and a person could easily just use Rev without
> ever knowing that plugins or other GUI's even exist.
> The primary product remains solid as a commercial software product,
> as it should be.
> Shari


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