strange (german) system date

Richard Gaskin ambassador at
Wed Jun 6 10:07:48 EDT 2007

Klaus Major wrote:
>>>> ...
>>>> Rev 2.8.1, WIN XP Home SP2.
>>>> In the msg:
>>>> put the long date -> Tuesday, June 5, 2007
>>>> which is correct.
>>>> put the long system date -> Mittwoch, 5. Juni 2007
>>>> which tells me it is wednesday (Mittwoch), NOT correct
>>> Verified here.
>>> This is an engine bug introduced with version 2.8.1, meaning that  
>>> Rev in their attempts to be progressive are one step ahead of  
>>> themselves in this particular instance.
> Filed under bug #5112, but Mark S. was faster than me and so #5122 is  
> a duplicate of #5035 :-)

It might also be helpful to know whether this issue is unique to German 
systems, or all non-US systems, or which set of systems are affected.

One of the things that impressed me about RunRev's handling of v2.8.1's 
development was how much longer they extended the beta test period.  Do 
we know if this bug was introduced while fixing something else late in 
the game, or did we really have so little testing done by our European 

That's not meant to sound provocative; we all get busy, and I've missed 
whole beta cycles in the past when I've had project deadlines to meet.

But for the future it would of course be ideal to have a test cycle long 
enough to allow folks to run their own stuff sufficiently to catch 
regression issues like this.

What recommendations could we make to minimize the potential for these 
sorts of errors going forward?

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