OT: QuickTime in web pages

Jack Rarick jrarick at hpsk12.net
Tue Jun 5 17:02:00 EDT 2007

Find a page on the 'net similar to the one you want to display. View the
source code and copy and paste it into a text editor. Look at the html
code one line at a time. Create code in Rev that will open a blank html
doc and write your code to the document.


 put "<HTML>" into h1
  put "<HEAD>" into h2
  put "<TITLE>"&fsn&"</TITLE>" into h3
  put "</HEAD>" into h4
  put "<BODY BGCOLOR="&quote&"#FFFFFF"&quote&"><FONT
FACE="&quote&"Arial"&quote&">" into h5
   put cr & "<!-- d src ="&quote&"Clip Here.mov"&quote&" width =
"&quote&"480"&quote&" height="&quote&"270"&quote&" scale
="&quote&"tofit"&quote&" autoplay
="&quote&"False"&quote&"><P> </P>" into  H6
  put "</BODY>" into h7
  put "</HTML>" into h8
put h1 & cr & h2 & cr & h3 & cr & h4 & cr & h5 & cr & h6 & cr & h7 & cr
& h8 into newHtml

open file "My New Web Page" for write
write newHtmL to file "My New Web Page"
close file "My New Web Page"

Notice the use of the constant quote to actually insert quotes into your

Hope this helps!

Jack Rarick
Braintree Athletic Systems

>>> david at openpartnership.net 06/05/07 2:07 PM >>>
I am trying to find references and examples of QuickTime movies calling
URL's as they play - the aim is for the movie to act as a guide to take
user through a number of HTML pages - in an iFrame?

So far I cannot find the documentation - and no examples online - but
memory it seems like this should work in a similar way to using
callbacks in
RunRev for QuickTime movies. Anyone done this, or is there a good reason
I can't find the examples :)
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