AW: AW: Creating standalone with db-drivers for MacOSX crashes onWin

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Tue Jun 5 09:57:11 CDT 2007

Is there any log file when creating a standalone where I could look for more

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On 5 Jun 2007, at 15:04, Tiemo Hollmann TB wrote:

> Add:
> I found the drivers in my installation runtime path.  The dbsqlite  
> driver
> for Mac Universal seems to be there - but not copied into the  
> standalone.
> But dboracle and dbvalentina are missing. Any idea?
> Tiemo

These two are additional cost db options, you don't need them if  
you're just going for SQLite.
I don't know why it hasn't copied over the sqlite driver.

> Developing on Win with 2.8.1 I have a stack using SQLite (what is  
> integrated
> in rev since 2.8.1). Building the standalone for Win runs smooth.  
> It copies
> all 6 DLLs for DBs into the standalone Externals\db_drivers folder.  
> Building
> the standalone for Mac OSX Rev crashes after copying the third DB  
> driver
> (dbpostgresql.bundle). It looks, like rev doesn't finds the Mac  
> driver for
> SQLite. Because I don't know the structure and mechanism, from  
> where it
> takes the Mac drivers, I don't know where to look for. The Win db  
> drivers
> are all in the externals folder in my installations directory. But   
> the Mac
> driver?

I wouldn't worry about the dbpostgresql.budle either, if you're using  
SQLite then you don't need it.

> Thanks for sharing
> Tiemo



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