Mac UB standalones and OS versions

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Mon Jun 4 21:33:25 EDT 2007

I can go all the way back to OS 8.6 for testing :-)  Actually, I 
skipped from 8.6 to 10.2.8.  Never even saw OS 9.

The first OSX's that Apple sold included OS 9 on the CD.  But if you 
waited.... if you didn't jump on the OSX bandwagon fast enough.... 
you didn't get OS 9 bundled.  I wasn't about to buy two OS's, it 
irked me that Apple stopped bundling it, and since 10.2.x didn't 
support OS 8.6 as the Classic standard, I had to partition the hard 
drive and reboot if I wanted to change systems.

So my old G-3 is partitioned, with 8.6 on one, and 10.2.8 on the other.

What's really nifty is that my high tech sweetie set me up with a 
monitor switch, so both my G-3 and Macintel can actually be on at the 
same time, and with the click of one button, I'm here or there.  All 
my games are on the old computer.... now THAT is hard to shut down!

Even niftier is that they are networked, the G-3, the Macintel, and 
his Windoze.  So I can shoot my MC/Rev stacks from one to the other 
for testing or compiling.



>My condolences. Way back when I was beta testing my own software, I 
>kept several Macs "frozen in time" with old OSs. Unfortunately, this 
>kind of stopped with the advent of OSX; never believing in my worst 
>of dreams that there would be significant differences between the 
>various OSX releases. Was I ever dumb!
>So, it seems that Rev needs to line up a series of reliable testers 
>who maintain "frozen in time" machines. I would think that they 
>would have done this in house in the first place; but, perhaps, they 
>too were caught unawares, now needing to rethink this strategy. This 
>programming thing just isn't very easy or simple these days, just 
>when we thought it might be getting to be both. (uncomfortable smile)
>Joe Wilkins

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