Drawing speed in rev 2.8

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Mon Jun 4 12:49:15 CDT 2007

Recently, James Hurley wrote:

> I've just moved over to 2.8 and have  found a significant loss of
> speed in drawing with the  pencil tool.
> Does anyone have any idea why the handler below would take 88 ticks
> in 2.7, but 302 ticks in 2.8?

I see the same speed you describe in 2.8.1.  Not sure why there is a
difference compared to older versions, but the following could be a
workaround for you, plus allow you to somewhat control the speed at which
the drawing is completed.

[ between the NEW comments ]

on mouseUp
  put the ticks into tStartTime
  repeat while the number of images >0
    delete image 1
  end repeat
  put the width of this card/2 into x0
  put the height of this card/2 into y0
  put 0 into  x
  put 0 into  y
  put  2 into tStep
  put 0 into tAng
  put pi/180 into radPerDeg
  choose the pencil tool
  put "" into tLocked
  repeat with tAng = 1 to 360
    if tAng mod 8 <> 0 then -- HIGHER NUMBER = FASTER DRAW RATE
      if not tLocked then
        lock screen
        put true into tLocked
      end if
      unlock screen
      put false into tLocked
    end if
    -- END NEW
    put tStep* cos(radPerDeg* tAng) into dx
    put  tStep * sin(radPerDeg *  tAng) into dy
    drag from round(x0+x),round(y0+y) to round(x0+x+dx), round(y0+y+dy)
    add dx to x
    add dy to y
  end repeat
  choose the browse tool
  put the ticks - tStartTime into msg box
end mouseUp


Scott Rossi
Creative Director
Tactile Media, Multimedia & Design

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