Mac UB standalones and OS versions

Joe Lewis Wilkins pepetoo at
Sun Jun 3 01:02:09 EDT 2007

Shari, I agree, but I had a Mac Mini a year or so ago and Apple  
continued to provide free updates for it all the way to - I think it  
was 2.9, but may have been 2.8. because I stopped using it about a  
month ago when I got my new MacIntel. I kind of wondered myself at  
the length of the automatic updates I got for the Mini.

Joe Wilkins

On Jun 2, 2007, at 9:40 PM, Shari wrote:

>> Now this is something I think we need to worry about less than  
>> having a "Classic" potential; since most people who have OSX are  
>> going to be moving up to the latest due to the ease with  which  
>> Apple makes updating the OS. Or am I in the minority when I get  
>> automatic updates from Apple on just about everything whenever  
>> there is new software? I'd be willing to bet that there are many,  
>> many fewer using OSX 2.8 than are using OS9.2.
>> Joe Wilkins
> I don't worry about Classic anymore.  Sales pretty much zeroed out  
> for it so I've slowly been phasing out my Classic apps.
> 10.2.8 however...... if I remember correctly, at the time I was  
> using that computer, Apple only gave out free OSX updates thru  
> 10.2.8.  If you wanted to upgrade past that, you had to pay again.   
> So I never did.  I just eventually got a new MacPro :-)  But  
> because the MacPro is of course Macintel, and LOTS of folks don't  
> have Macintel, I use the other computer for my non-Macintel  
> testing.  And there encountered the error.
> I know there are a lot of folks out there, non-techie folks, the  
> ones who are most likely to use my creations, who don't  
> automatically update to the latest and greatest OS unless it's free.
> I don't know if Apple ever finally started giving out free updates  
> to boost 10.2.8 higher or not.  THAT would be the question, then.   
> I couldn't upgrade that computer past 10.2.8 without paying again,  
> so there I stopped.  I don't know if it's still stopped there or  
> not. But to me, a Universal build should work on all flavors of  
> OSX, not just the newest ones.
> I'd like to get away from having more than one Macintosh download  
> to create, test and maintain.
> Shari

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