Problem with Browser Sampler Stack in Rev/Mac 2.8.1

Ken Ray kray at
Sun Jun 3 00:01:35 EDT 2007

On Sun, 03 Jun 2007 00:10:22 -0300, Bob Warren wrote:

> Bought myself a Mac Mini, Installed 2.8.1, navigated to the Browser 
> Sampler.rev stack in 2.8.1-gm-1/Resources/Examples, activated stack, 
> clicked on the "Launch Browser" button and got an error message 
> "unknown browser id". :'(
> Does it work for anybody else?

It works here for me, but I did have a similar problem the first time I 
used it. But I closed Rev, reopened it, reopened the Browser Sampler, 
and this time instead of clicking on "Launch Browser", I paged forward 
to the 5th page of the documentation stack entitled "A Simple Browser", 
and that worked for me. From then on the stack worked flawlessly, 
including the "Launch Browser" button. Don't know why..

> Is revBrowser supposed to be altBrowser shown in a new window instead 
> of in an image box? Supposing I manage to get revBrowser working 
> sooner or later, can it be shown within an image box of my stack 
> rather than in a separate window? If not, I don't see an awful lot of 
> point in it: I might as well call my platform's default browser to 
> show the webpage.

No, the image box is intentional - it provides the boundary region for 
the browser itself, and lets you define it as any size you want. If 
someone *wanted* a full browser window, you can just create an image 
object (or any object for that matter, but it works best with image 
objects) the size of the stack. 


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