Mac UB standalones and OS versions

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Fri Jun 1 15:06:47 EDT 2007

Shari wrote:
> Just in case anybody else searches the archives with the same questions, 
> here is the latest update on creating standalones for Mac OSX prior to 
> 10.3.x.....
> I couldn't do it with MC 2.8.1 on my Macintel, even using the PPC 
> engine.  I couldn't do it with MC 2.8.1 on the G-3, even using the PPC 
> engine.  I had to launch 2.7.4 on the G-3, and do the build with it, in 
> order for the standalone to be happy on the G-3 running OS 10.2.8.
> So..... I am wondering if there is a bug in v.2.8.1 of MC/Rev regarding 
> PPC Mac standalones?

Since you aren't using the Rev builder, you might want to take this over 
to the MC list. There are some special requirements for building 
standalones with the 2.7 + engine, and it may be that you haven't 
created a special standalone engine for MC builds in 2.8.x yet.

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