Valentina db is royalty free, even for Embedded Valentina Server.

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> I have read some about Valentina.  They say it is fast and can be used with
> the Studio version of Rev.  Oracle needs the higher version of Rev.
> I tried to read the license to learn about any royalties I would need to pay
> with Valentina but I really didn't find the answer.

Most info about licensing you can read here:


> Does Valentina require any royalties with software I sell if I decide to use
> it as my chosen database.

No royalties. 
    you can develop single user desktop application, e.g. Game, CD based
    catalog, Accounting, ... And sale million copies.

    you get the same V4REV as above,
    plus you get Valentina Embedded Server which you can distribute
    royalty free even million copies. This option is perfect for SOHO
    and educational markets.

> What features does Oracle have that would make me consider using it instead of
> Valentina or vice versa.

Question on many pages answer :-)

Oracle vs Valentina

* Oracle is a monster, in good term of this word. They have tons features
which Valentina do not have, and even not going to have.

E.g. They have very powerful support of Java, own syntax of stored
procedures, and so on.

Oracle is #1 if you need work on some cool hardware with 128 CPU, and a lots
of users around.

Valentina vs Oracle

    * I think Valentina is a lots times cheaper of Oracle right?

    * the most difference you start to see if you want sale 1000 copies
    of your app. With Oracle you need pay FOR EACH server.
    The same for mySQL btw.

    * Valentina is faster of Oracle if work on single CPU and not only.
    We did have few developers which have use Valentina in their companies,
    just to export data from Oracle, import them into Valentina
    and then do faster analyze.

    I remember some Korea guys, they have told about join speed of query
    Oracle 3 min, Valentina 3 seconds. Near to million records in tables.

    * Valentina is about 4MB for Win and 10 MB for MAC.
    so it not add huge size for your app.

> I am assuming if I choose Valentina I need the Developers Kit if I am going to
> market the software.  Any info about Valentina and Revolution good or bad
> would be nice to know.  I have been to the website already.

Note, before buy you can just play with Valentina for REV and Valentina
Server and Valentina Studio.

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