sqlite and update

haribo ledersitze at netcologne.de
Tue Jul 24 14:47:53 EDT 2007

now, i spend 3 days for update problem, i can insert, delete, no problem,
then i want update one person, its terrible, first i have this code

on mouseUp 
  global gConId 
  put field "Name" into tName 
  put field "Vorname" into tVorname 
  put field "Strasse" into tStrasse 
  put field "Hausnr" into tHausnr 
  put field "PLZ" into tPLZ 
  put field "Ort" into tOrt 
  put field "Tel1" into tTel1 
  put field "Tel2" into tTel2 
  put field "Tel3" into tTel3 
  put field "Gebdatum" into tGebdatum 
  put field "Klasse" into tKlasse 
  put field "Geschl" into tGeschl 
  put field "Name2" into tName2 
  put field "Name3" into tName3 
  put field "Konf" into tKonf 
  put field "Staatsang" into tStaatsang 
  put field "Email" into tEmail 
  local tSQL 
put "UPDATE Schueler (Name, Vorname, Strasse, Hausnr, PLZ, Ort, Gebdatum,
Tel1, Tel2, Tel3, Geschl, Konf, Staatsang, Klasse, Nachname2, Nachname3,
Email) Values ( :1, :2, :3, :4, :5, :6, :7, :8, :9, :10, :11, :12, :13, :14,
:15: :16, :17)" , "tName", "tVorname", "tStrasse", "tHausnr", "tPLZ",
"tOrt", "tGebdatum", "tTel2", "tTel2", "tTel3", "tGeschl", "tKonf",
"tStaatsang", "tKlasse", "tName2", "tName3", "tEmail" into tSQL 
revExecuteSQL gConID, tSQL 
put the result into tResult 

dont work, get an error near "(" syntax error

then i try this from sqlite
put "UPDATE Schueler" "Name = "tName",  Vorname=tVorname,  Strasse =
tStrasse, Hausnr = tHausnr, PLZ = tPLZ, Ort = tOrt, Gebdatum = tGebdatum,
Tel1 = tTel1, Tel2 = tTel2 , Tel3 = tTel3, Geschl = tGeschl, Konf = tKonf,
Staatsang = tStaatsang, Klasse = tKlasse, Nachname2 = tName2, Nachname3 =
tName3, Email = tEmail"  into tSQL

revExecuteSQL gConID, tSQL 
put the result into tResult

dont work
need help 
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