[ANN] BvG Docu gets an add-on AAG WebNotes

Andre Garzia andre at andregarzia.com
Tue Jul 31 11:54:11 EDT 2007

Thanks for the kind words. The system uses no RDBMS or CGI, it's all plain
FTP. Simple and Easy and flexible. Thats why we can have attatchments of any
kind, we just create and upload files. The only way to access the system
right now is using the BvG Docu with WebNotes stack, no web interface is
provided, this alone should keep spam out of the system.

I use a special user on my FTP server that has access only to his folder, so
there's no big security risk of affecting the rest of the server. If someone
picks the user/pass combo (it is inside the stack script) and abuse the
system, I'll simply shut down the whole thing.

I kept the scripts open for some users here have customized stacks for
documentation display and instead of security thru obscurity, I want them to
be able to see the comment system and integrate it to their solution if they
see fit.

If this is abused but it is used by many users, I may consider building a
more robust server interface. This was created in like two or three hours as
a gift to the community. There's no authorization whatsoever, it's a simple
FTP access to a restricted server.

I hope to belive users here are not spamers and will not abuse this. It's
fairly easy for me to track abuse since I can just traverse the folders
looking the files.

Now that I am thinking, I should have added a timestamp to the notes...
silly me... on next update I'll do that.

Hope you and others like and use this.

On 7/31/07, Stephen Barncard <stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com> wrote:
> Thanks!
> What a wonderful effort by both of you.... and
> what the Rev docs should be like...
> I've often found this webnotes feature to be as
> useful as the official dictionary in the MySQL
> application of this idea. But the notes are
> managed there somehow. No funny-stuff ever shows
> up.
> Dear Andre.. I hope your service doesn't become a
> spam-magnet!!   (shhhh..  everyone keep  quiet)
> Perhaps a list of current Rev lists email
> addresses could serve some protection. You did
> build in hooks for a future authorization scheme?
> In a perfect world, Revolution should authorize,
> host and manage the notes.. right?
> sqb
> >Hello Folks,
> >We all know Björnke created a nice documentation viewer with BvG Docu. I
> >really enjoy it and was wondering what could I add to it, so today, I
> create
> >a new version o BvG Docu that has support for webnotes.
> >
> >With webnotes you can add comments and attachments to any entry in the
> >revolution dictionary documentation. The comments are styled text and you
> >can even add images or stacks to them.
> >As soon as you add a webnote to an entry it becomes available to anyone
> >looking that entry. Very simple and easy to use.
> >
> >This of course is only possible thanks to Björnke work, he created BvG
> Docu,
> >I just changed it to support networked notes with attachments. I as
> people
> >to try it out.
> >
> >I've put a page online http://www.andregarzia.com/docuwebnotes.html with
> >explanations and the link to the file.
> >
> >Please send feedback on this folks. The networking code is asynchronous
> :-)
> >
> >I also use Mark Smith libUUID to generate the unique id for the webnotes.
> >Very nice lib!!!!
> >
> >I polite request people not to abuse the comments or the attachments. It
> >still my server and my bandwidth costs (please no SPAM and no hosting the
> >latest harry potter movie).
> >
> >So Thanks BvG and MarkS for all the code, they code, I code, we code, we
> all
> >win.
> >
> >Andre
> --
> stephen barncard
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