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Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Mon Jul 30 20:57:56 EDT 2007

Hi Bridger,

Apparently, icons are drawn in front of the objects they belong to.  
This surprises me a little, because, just like you, I would epxect  
icons to be cut off by borders. The problem becomes even more  
apparent, if one adds a shadow to the button. The icon is drawn in  
front of the border and the shadow.

Perhaps this is a bug. Actually, I believe it is, but it might have a  
very long history. I wonder what others have to say about this?

In the mean time, drawing a border on top of your button seems to be  
your only option.

Best regards,

Mark Schonewille


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Op 31-jul-2007, om 2:28 heeft Bridger Maxwell het volgende geschreven:

> Hey,
>   This is a small problem, but I can't figure it out and I thought  
> I would
> toss it out to all of you geniuses.  I have button that I have made  
> custom
> look for by setting its icon to an image.  I would like to also have a
> border around it, but when the showBorder is true, the border wraps
> everywhere except where the icon touches the side of the button.  For
> example, I have button that has an extremely wide image set as its  
> icon so
> when the button grows more wide, the icon is big enough to  
> accommodate.
> When the border is being shown it shows on the upper and lower  
> edges, but
> the portions on the right and left of the button where the icon  
> extends past
> the button's rect do not have a border showing.  Coincidentally,  
> those are
> the only places I want the border to show up.  Is there any way to  
> force the
> border to show up around the entire button?  Sorry to bug you guys  
> with such
> a minuscule problem.
>   Thank You,
>      Bridger Maxwell
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