Borders and Icons

Bridger Maxwell bridgeyman at
Mon Jul 30 20:28:00 EDT 2007

  This is a small problem, but I can't figure it out and I thought I would
toss it out to all of you geniuses.  I have button that I have made custom
look for by setting its icon to an image.  I would like to also have a
border around it, but when the showBorder is true, the border wraps
everywhere except where the icon touches the side of the button.  For
example, I have button that has an extremely wide image set as its icon so
when the button grows more wide, the icon is big enough to accommodate.
When the border is being shown it shows on the upper and lower edges, but
the portions on the right and left of the button where the icon extends past
the button's rect do not have a border showing.  Coincidentally, those are
the only places I want the border to show up.  Is there any way to force the
border to show up around the entire button?  Sorry to bug you guys with such
a minuscule problem.

  Thank You,
     Bridger Maxwell

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