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On Sun, 29 Jul 2007 13:47:28 -0400, william humphrey wrote:

> That's sure extensive. Thanks. And you are answering my question also --
> there is no RunRev way of saying that the days of the month and the months
> must be two digits as in a MySQL formatted date?
> This code snippet (your example ) is the kind of thing that should be in a
> searchable repository like the one google made or included as part of
> RunRev.

Actually this paritcular snippet is in the (anemic) Code Kitchen on my 
web site 
( and 
also available to those using Scripter's Scrapbook 
( as a published entry that 
can be retrieved and downloaded to their own copy of Scripter's 

But barring that, you're right - you can't "google" it. I know there 
are a couple of people working on something like this, though...

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