The Ancient Art of the Animated GIF

viktoras didziulis viktoras at
Sun Jul 29 02:29:42 EDT 2007

I frequently use a minimalistic unfreez (Windows):

Its free. Simply drag your images into, set or unset loop animation and 
frame delays (in cs) and save... Works like a charm :-)


Mike Hughes wrote:
> I know Animated GIF's probably seem a little arcane to many on this 
> list however for me they work brilliantly in one of my projects. 
> Almost brilliantly, that is.
> Quite simply, I'd like to create animated GIF's that use transparency. 
> There are a few freebie apps on the Mac that do poor jobs creating 
> them. Then there are tools like Fireworks and Adobe ImageReady. These 
> apps allow me to create exactly the Animated GIF's I need and that 
> render perfectly in a web browser.
> But when I import them to Revolution, they run at hyperspeed and show 
> strange areas of transparency. Can anyone point me in the direction of 
> either a solution for the Fireworks/Adobe ImageReady problem or 
> towards a competent GIF creator liked by Revolution (Mac or Windows)?
> Thanks!
> Mike
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