create a html list, but with a char where the image shall be

Klaus Major klaus at
Thu Jul 26 16:45:32 EDT 2007

Hi trevor,

> Klaus,
> Try changing "a href" to "a name". That worked on my end.
> <p><a name=1><img src=1019>...

YEAH, success :-)
Thanks alot!

> Then I had this handler in the field to test:
> on mouseDown pMouseBtnNum
>     if the clickcharchunk is not empty and \
>       the imagesource of the clickcharchunk is not empty then
>         put the linktext of the clickcharchunk
>     end if
> end mouseDown

HTML still has a lot of mysteries to solve for me ;-)

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> Trevor DeVore
> Blue Mango Learning Systems
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> trevor at

Best from germany

Klaus Major
klaus at

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