"load URL" loads entire file in RAM?

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Wed Jul 25 14:12:10 CDT 2007

I have some questions about "load URL", the docs and my tests are not  
altogether clear to me on these points:

1. "The file is downloaded into a local cache. It does not remain  
available after the application quits..."

Does this mean the file is deleted from the hard drive, or simply  
inaccessible on next run? I seem to have varying results :-o

2. "Note:  Cached files consume memory. To release this memory after  
you are finished with a URL, use the unload command to remove it from  
the cache."

Does "memory" mean hard drive space? Or actually RAM? (If hard drive  
space, I suggest the docs be updated with this term, as "memory" =  
"RAM" to many people)

3. (Apart from the answer to #2) I know "put URL into..." has to load  
the entire file into RAM... where libURLdownloadToFile does not (and  
so is much better for large files).

Does "load URL" need to fit the entire file into RAM?

Thanks for any illumination!

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