[OT] Funny folk joining Yahoo Groups

Scott Kane scott at cdroo.com
Wed Jul 25 10:08:32 EDT 2007

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From: "Mikey" <mikeythek at gmail.com>

> Yes, the OS folks are to blame, too.  However, in my own experience of 
> working with and for people, those who deploy spam and malware
> protection don't experience a spam or malware problem.  Those thatdon't, 
> do.

Agreed.  But there is another (and probably more dangerous) factor.  The 
downloading of cracks, keygens and other rubbish.  Even the P2P networks 
have nasty little things like WMA files that execute code (trojan 
downloaders for example).  A large number of people I've been in contact 
with routinely download this stuff and then wonder why they are infected.  I 
used to assist them.  Now I don't bother.  Using these tools is purely to 
circumvent paying for something that should be paid for - so hell mend them.

Scott Kane 

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