[SPAM?]: How to extract non-stack files from a standalone

Ian Wood revlist at azurevision.co.uk
Mon Jul 23 20:59:50 EDT 2007

On 24 Jul 2007, at 00:47, Mark E. Powell wrote:

> If I copy non-stack files into the application prior to building  
> the standalone, how do I then extract the files from the  
> standalone?  I figure it would something similar to how "export"  
> works for images?

How are you copying them in? If you put them in a custom prop you can  
write the contents of the custom prop back into a file (put the  
storedFile of this stack into URL "binfile:thefilename.xxx").

If it's copied by adding the file in the standalone settings then  
it's sitting next to the application after building. Note that in the  
case of OS X it will be inside the application package.


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