HC to Rev conversion question

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Sun Jul 22 12:35:08 CDT 2007

you might be running into limits to the number of  stacks at a 
time...if this is in a standalone situation.
I'm assuming you were using a lot of stacks because of the small 
scripting space of HC.

What I humbly recommend is that you combine a lot of scripts  -- you 
no longer have the 32k limitations of Hypercard for script length. 
Try to get it down to 25 stacks or so.

And read everything Gaskin you can find.

Richard Gaskin, quoting from the bottom of the page:

Special Considerations
One thing to keep in mind when using libraries, backScripts, and 
frontScripts is the difference in the number of each of these allowed 
when running outside of the Revolution development environment, such 
as in a standalone or with a player. These limits are noted in the 
scriptLimits function, which (as of this writing) at runtime returns 
10, 10, 50, 10 when running as a standalone, which corresponds to (in 
* the number of executable statements permitted when changing a script (10)
* the number of statements permitted in a do command (10)
* the number of stacks permitted in the stacksInUse (50)
* the number of objects permitted in the frontScripts and backScripts (10)
These limits only apply when running outside of the Revolution 
development environment. When working in the Revolution development 
environment no such limits exist.

>The most important big issue for me seems to be Rev does not like 
>"start using stack ..."
>My "HyperVibes" collection of stacks works as a whole. There are 
>over 100 stacks that access one (1) main script in a single "control 
>stack". This avoids having to edit over 100 copies of a single 
>control script. Is there some way to do this in Rev? What can be 
>done to have this or similar capability in Rev?
>My thanks in advance of any inputs into this....
>Life, Light, Love & Laughter,
>Dale Pond


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