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<Any pointers on how paintCompression works... Dictionary says: "When an 
<image is changed with a paint tool, it is recompressed the next time you 
<leave the card it's on". Is this also true if imageData was directly 
<updated - i.e. image gets compressed next time I leave the card it is 
<on, isn't it? Or is image recompressed each time its imageData gets 
<updated ? If so, likely RLE is the fastest method to choose or is it 
<possible to disable paintCompression for images to get  more speed for 
<image updates or RLE is the only option to go ? Or if imageData and not 
<the actual image is what is displayed on screen, then may 
<paintCompression have no impact on how fast imageData is being redrawn.

<Best wishes

See Bugzilla 5113 and my accompanying test stack

Handling imagedata can be up to 12 times slower with paintcompression set to PNG
than to RLE.


Wilhelm Sanke
Wilhelm Sanke

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