Dissolve Transition Works Sometimes

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at cox.net
Fri Jul 20 19:36:49 EDT 2007

When I make a stack with the dissolve transition between cards and  
compile it for Mac and Win, I find the transition doesn't work  
sometimes.  In some cards, it doesn't work at all.  I suspect that  
that is because the card it is going to has something in the  
PreOpenCard handler that stops the transition.  Could this be true?  
Is there a setting that will solve this?

Sometimes it works on Mac but not Win, even though the windows  
machine does have QuickTime installed.  Instead of blending from one  
card to the other, it just jumps to it as if there were no visual  
effect specified in the script.  Any ideas on this one?

           Thanks in advance,

			Mark Greenberg

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