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In rev, there are many ways to do similar tasks.

>BUT, if any of these fields contain a large amount of text where there is a
>possibility that it may include a comma, tab or return character then your
>output may not be as expected, ie if you use the return character as

And why I mentioned  URLencoding each block of data as it forces all 
text to a single line. (Base64 will do this too if you include a way 
to deal with returns).
This is very speedy and useful, for

storing complex dialog prompts in htmltext, so they can be put into a 
variable that displays on one line:

local htmlselectToexportHtml = 
put urldecode(htmlselectToexportHtml) into pPrompt

or storing data inside of data in a 'flat' array'

key1  <tab> 
key2  <tab> SHOW+DATABASES%3B%0D%0A       (URLEncode)
key3  <tab> this is textwith returns in itto showreplaced by 
vertical tabs.     (returns converted to vertical tabs)

the vertical tabs (ASCII 11 dec) character is what Filemaker uses to 
deal with returns in fields on export. It's almost a standard.


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