Wireframe animation engine examples?

Mick Collins mickclns at mac.com
Wed Jul 18 22:38:19 EDT 2007

I found, as you said, a bug in the AE docs on an example of the 3D  
(iso) stuff, related to password protection.  You offered to "send  
[me] a stack that demonstrates the functions."

I said,
  "Thanks, Malte,
I would like a copy.  Could you send it email?  (I'd just let it wait  
for the next version, but the iso functions are actually the ones I'm  
most interested.  Thanks, again,
    -  Mick"

My acceptance apparently got lost in the (e)mail.  Perhaps you could  
tell everyone where to find such a stack.  And I would like to  
request being sent a copy again.  Thanks,
    -  Mick

On Jul 16, 2007, at 4:44 AM, Malte Brill wrote:

> Hi David,
> Björnke already gave you the hint. In the stack  
> animationEngineDocs.rev scroll to rotate3dPoint and look at the  
> example. That stack is self contained and does not need AE to be in  
> use, so you can see the examples without actually wasting one of   
> the 15 free trial sessions. To answer your speed questions: Rev  
> does a pretty good job in calculating the locations, when you  
> translate from 3d to 2d space. That part is even a tad bit faster  
> than in flash. However, it looses a bit of speed when actually  
> setting the points of the graphic I use to display the wire. Not  
> much, but a little. So in what I can see it is en par speed wise  
> with the flash performance for wireframes. However, Flash has quite  
> a few advantages over Rev when it comes to drawing graphic objects  
> (more than one color in the same object, tad bit faster rendering)
> Hope that helps.
> > If you think the custom interface is too confusing, then tell that
> > malte, he didn't listen to me. ;-)
> I *do* listen B, just you were the only one complaining. <g>
> However, if it turns out not to work, I am all for changing the  
> interface... And I am willing to provide the stack for alternate  
> "reader" - stack  approaches. You did a good job with BvG docu, if  
> you want to give it a go, let me knoe. :-)
> All the best,
> Malte
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