Controlling Rev apps from the command line?

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Jul 18 11:31:17 EDT 2007

On Wed, 18 Jul 2007 11:44:33 +0100, Ian Wood wrote:

>> "control Rev standalones" as you say, can be done by AS and VB if you build
>> handlers to trap events sent to the standalone.  This way you can 'set' and
>> 'get' parameters and also trigger handlers from the command line.
> I'll re-phrase the question - I can set up handlers to trap Apple 
> Events, and this is documented. How would I set up handlers to 
> respond to VB?
> You seem to be saying that it's possible (and functionally equivalent 
> to AS on a Mac) but I don't remember seeing it mentioned anywhere, 
> either on list or elsewhere.

You can't script Rev directly with VB/VBScript, since it isn't built 
that way. The only things you can do from VB on the outside is the same 
things you can use to communicate with Rev from any other program:

   - File Polling: VB writes a file to a directory the Rev app is 
"watching" in a "send in <time>" loop; the Rev app picks it up and acts 
on it.
   - Database Polling: If you're using a multi-user database, the VB 
app can insert data into the database that the Rev app watches in a 
"send in <time>" loop (same principle as File Polling)
   - Socket Communcation: The Rev app "listens" on a particular socket, 
VB sends data through that socket.
   - Command Line: If the Rev app isn't currently running, you can 
launch it from VB with command line parameters that  can be picked up 
from inside the Rev App by checking the $0, $1, $2, etc. environment 

That's it, AFAIK...

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