Controlling Rev apps from the command line?

Ian Wood revlist at
Wed Jul 18 06:39:34 EDT 2007

On 17 Jul 2007, at 20:30, Jim Ault wrote:

>> To be honest, the environmental variables part has me stumped (and
>> doesn't apply to Windows anyway). I *think* it means that you can set
>> the value of globals but it's not totally clear. Some test stacks
>> will probably make things clearer.
> I guess the basic explanation I can give is that
> Rev owns globals, the stacks do not when stacks are run in the  
> development
> environment.

OK, to be clearer I'm fully aware of globals within Rev (v. custom  
props etc.) - what's unclear from the docs is how you would change a  
global from outside Rev. Assuming that 'environmental variable' =  


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