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J. Landman Gay jacque at
Tue Jul 17 11:58:07 EDT 2007

Timothy Miller wrote:
> I copy a web page. A page out of Wikipedia, actually. Command-A, then 
> Command-C. It's not a real big page. Maybe three screens.
> I move to my stack, already open, put the cursor in a field, and try to 
> paste. The "edit" menu item blinks blue for a moment, but nothing happens.
> I move to Stickies, paste into a sticky note. No problem. The whole page 
> is pasted instantly. I copy the contents of the sticky note, move back 
> to my Rev stack, put the cursor into a field and paste. Now the paste 
> happens immediately.

It almost sounds like there is some hidden character in the text that 
Rev can't work with. Does the problem happen with any long text block, 
or only when you copy from Wikipedia? If it is limited to one web site, 
then what may be happening is that the original copy contains a 
non-displayable character that Rev fields can't handle. By pasting into 
another app and re-copying, you are converting the clipboard to 
text-only content. After that, Rev will accept the paste.

Just a theory. The only reason I thought of it was because I had the 
exact same thing happen to me in HyperCard some years ago. Copying a 
particular block of text would always cause the HC field text to 
truncate. I narrowed it down to a character that HC used for its end of 
field marker. If I stripped that out before pasting, everything behaved 

If the problem happens with any long block of text from any source (I've 
never seen that though) then this isn't the problem.

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