QT on Windows

David Glasgow david at dvglasgow.wanadoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 17 03:18:37 EDT 2007

Oooops!  Forgot the subject line.....  Sorry.

On 16 Jul 2007, at 6:00 pm, Phil Jimmieson wrote:

> Hi David,
> do you use a relative filename for the movie? If so, try getting  
> the filename and turning it into an absolute one. I had a problem  
> where quicktime movies with relative filenames would work on OSX  
> and Mac OS9, but not on Windows - I managed to figure out the path  
> was invalid (although it was the same relative path on both boxes).
> Check out bug 1161 in the quality control centre:
> http://quality.runrev.com/qacenter/show_bug.cgi?id=1161

Thanks Phil, and also Scott.

  I use an absolute path by appending the relative path to the   

I do appreciate your suggestions, but I really can't mess about with  
this issue, which could easily involve a QT and/or a Rev one.  Is  
there a message or property I can rely on to tell me whether a QT  
movie is going to run successfully?  As I said, the movie function  
doesn't seem to work as advertised, so is there anything else?  Ugly  
but effective hacks welcome at this stage......

Best Wishes,

David Glasgow
Carlton Glasgow Partnership


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