Paste into field issue

Timothy Miller gandalf at
Mon Jul 16 23:29:37 EDT 2007

I copy a web page. A page out of Wikipedia, actually. Command-A, then  
Command-C. It's not a real big page. Maybe three screens.

I move to my stack, already open, put the cursor in a field, and try  
to paste. The "edit" menu item blinks blue for a moment, but nothing  

I move to Stickies, paste into a sticky note. No problem. The whole  
page is pasted instantly. I copy the contents of the sticky note,  
move back to my Rev stack, put the cursor into a field and paste. Now  
the paste happens immediately.

I'm using Studio.

I first noticed it on my G3 500 mhz Powerbook. I now see the same  
thing happens with my 466 mhz G4.

The Activity Monitor indicates no page-outs, so it looks like memory  
is not an issue. Closing all other applications doesn't help.

If I try to copy a smaller piece of a web page, then I can paste it  
into a field in Rev.

Is this normal behavior? Is it well-known? I don't recall hearing  
about it before.


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