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Mark Wieder mwieder at
Mon Jul 16 19:57:57 EDT 2007


>Using a file append rather than putting data after a variable:

>4min 57sec using a variable (put)

>4min 31sec using a file (write)

I find this surprising, since variables are entirely dealt with in memory. I 
would expect maybe an order of magnitude difference between that and writing 
to a file, although maybe file buffering is better in rev than I think.

>Apart from the fact that I'm still processing about 20million comparisons a 
>minute, which is impressive anyway, it seems as >though there are no 
>immediate ways of enhancing processing speed.

Ooooo... a challenge...

...move the "put the third word of peptide into dbMass" line into the if 

IF abs(pepMass-dbMass) <= massError THEN
  put the third word of peptide into dbMass
  put peptide & "K" & tab & dbMass-pepMass & return after outputDat

...and you can maybe double your speed, depending on your data set.

 Mark Wieder
 mwieder at

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