QT on Windows

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Mon Jul 16 19:49:51 EDT 2007

I would say playstopped is unreliable, I would suggest:

if duration of player "Player" - currentTime of player "Player" < 30  
end if

On Jul 16, 2007, at 12:06 AM, David Glasgow wrote:

> I was just putting the finishing touches to a product for a client  
> when, on impulse, I 'sexed it up' with a little .mov in the  
> standalone splashscreen. I use playstopped to trigger showing the  
> splashscreen proper.  This works fine on Mac, reliably running  
> wherever I place the enclosing folder.  The same can't be said for  
> Windows. With QT installed, some boxes run it fine, and some  
> don't.  It sometimes behaves as if the filename of the movie  isn't  
> valid even though it is always contained within the same folder,  
> and double clicking the movie launches QT as expected.  I don't  
> have time to work out why this is the case,  so I decided to just  
> skip the movie if it isn't going to run, and show the buttons and  
> information fields which form the business end of the  
> splashscreen.  This has proved more difficult than I expected.  I  
> use Studio, so I can't debug in detail on Windows.
> I tried checking 'the movie', but was surprised to obtain 'done'  
> way before the movie has stopped playing, and using the done  
> message to move on in the splash screen causes the movie to appear  
> and then quickly disappear on the Mac.  I thought about 'try-catch'  
> but I am not sure what conditions I would be testing for.  I tried  
> sidestepping the issue by importing a videoclip in AVI format, but  
> the QT codecs for AVI are gruesome.  Also, I couldn't make the  
> videoclip play predictably at a specific location, however  
> specified.  It always appeared significantly offset.
> So this isn't about testing to see if QT is installed, it is (I  
> think) about testing whether a player object is able to do its  
> stuff, and if not, smoothly moving on with business.  Any suggestions?
> (This all goes to confirm rule 437 of software development:  "Never  
> sex up a splashscreen on impulse, especially if you have just  
> promised to deliver the product within the week")
> Oh yes.  Using 2.7.4 on Mac.
> Best Wishes,
> David Glasgow
> Carlton Glasgow Partnership
> http://www.i-psych.co.uk
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