data loss in a standalone... a bug?

Michael Binder runr at
Mon Jul 16 18:06:58 EDT 2007

> Is the short name of your template stack the same as the short name of
> the data stack that was cloned? If so, the engine may be confused about
> which stack it should be putting the data into.

Hi Jacqueline,
No.  I followed Sarah's advice.  When the clone is created, rev names 
it 'copy of dataTemplate'.  The script renames it whatever the user 
chooses.  In my real app, there is a handler to warn the user if she 
has chosen a forbidden name, but I did not include that in my 

> One possible problem is the following two lines:
>     set the custompropertyset of stack whichFile to "allDataProps"
>     set the customproperties["allDataProps"] of stack whichFile
> to ......
> I don't think you need the first line, and it could be the cause of
> the problem (just guessing).


> The line
>     set the custompropertyset of stack whichFile to "allDataProps"
> in your script ought not to be necessary.

Hi Dave, Tereza,
Originally I did not have that line in there. I added it sometime in 
the past three weeks that I have been working on this problem.  I will 
do some more testing.

> Have you checked whether the data is where it belongs before the save
> and close?
> You might write the contents of one of the "allDataProps"
> properties of the whichfile stack (along with a labeling string) to
> stdout just before you close it, then open the console application
> and watch what happens when you run the standalone.

Hi Tereza,
yes, and good idea!

Michael Binder

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