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Mon Jul 16 17:43:33 EDT 2007

Beynon, Rob wrote:

> I set up a search of 10,000 queries against 16,000 targets - 
> maybe 100million comparisons
> Using a file append rather than putting data after a variable:
> 4min 57sec using a variable (put)
> 4min 31sec using a file (write)

Just curious, did you open the file "for write" or open it "for append"? 
I'd think it would make a difference. If it is opened for append, you 
don't need to specify that the write should be at the end, it will 
happen automatically. I'd think it would be faster, but I'm not sure.

> So, reading from a field makes no difference

If you are reading from the field only once before the repeat loop, it 
wouldn't matter. But if the read is in the middle of the loop, it should 
be very much slower. I can't remember now which you are doing, but 
accessing fields is known to be one of the slowest things you can do 
inside a loop. (I vaguely recall you aren't doing that.)

I'm curious about the file writing though, I'm always looking for ways 
to speed up scripts.

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