Need for Speed (postscript)

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Sun Jul 15 23:22:07 EDT 2007

On 16/7/07 2:10 AM, "Lynn Fredricks" <lfredricks at> wrote:

>> I just realized that nothing is being passed... local vars..
>> And the math is simple....I think you've got it down to the bare...
>> way faster would be accomplished by using a database to make
>> the calculations. The data would have to be uploaded to the
>> database of course....the fastest DB appears to be Valentina...
> One user just switched from mySQL to Valentina and had a x5 to x10 speed
> improvement on complex queries.

Lynn, actually much better :-)

Thorsten did report times:

    mySQL           was   5 minutes
    Valentina             5 seconds
This is x60 rate!

> Its now very easy to give Valentina a spin - there is a Valentina Community
> Server for Linux product that is completely free. However it currently
> supports only PHP 4 and PHP 5 for scripting.

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