Why Save the Mac Mini

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Sun Jul 15 18:08:12 EDT 2007

No one has said that a Mini is for everyone.
But a Mini is the least expensive way to run OS X on a new computer, 
something that is not at all possible with a PIII. It has the additional advantage for 
people developing on Rev that it will also run Windows and UNIX - so it is a 
nice "test mule".
The Mini makes it possible for people switching to OS X to do so while 
continuing to use their current keyboards, mice, and monitors - a substantial 
savings over buying an iMac.
There are good used computers, both Mac and PC, that are very cost-effective 
for many organizations. Indeed, many of the businesses I work with routinely 
buy "refurbished" Macs from Power Max in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Picture the 
bargains when people start upgrading their current Mini-powered workstations and 
used Minis flood the market.
As the most affordable new modular Mac, the Mini allows businesses which need 
to upgrade regularly, a way to do so twice as often (the first Mini costs 
about the same as an all-in-one iMac, but the upgrade only requires replacing the 
Mini - at about half the cost of a current iMac). Even if a Mini's specs 
trail those of the current iMac, an owner only needs to keep it half as long.
Looking ahead: when PIIIs are no longer available, wouldn't it be nice to 
have lots of "previously owned" Minis sitting on the shelf ready to take their 
Please help make it so:
8936 signatures to go!
Paul Looney

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