Referencing a stack that is not open

David Bovill david at
Sat Jul 14 14:42:45 EDT 2007

On 14/07/07, SimPLsol at <SimPLsol at> wrote:
> Dan,
> David provided a very good, and very concise, explanation.
> I'd only add two things:
> 1. If you go invisible to a stack, that stack will remain invisible when
> it
> is closed. So the next time you go to it, it is invisible - but open.
> Drove me
> crazy until I realized what was happening.

Only if the destroyStack is false - in which case when it is closed it
remains in memory retaining its properties. Otherwise it is reloaded from
the file and unless it was actively saved the visible status as with all
other properties will be reverted to the last saved status.

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