The Real Revolution

Richmond Mathewson geradamas at
Sat Jul 14 04:31:06 EDT 2007

The Real Revolution concerns computer usage:

When I was a kid (about 1974) there were a whole
series of newspaper articles with titles approximating

"The Promise of Computers"

They contained lists of what people would do with
computers in the future (i.e. now); they were badly
wrong (unfortunately) because they did not realise
that computers would largely be used as:

1. Glorified telephones,
2. Glorified fax machines,
3. Glorified photocopiers,
4. Glorified TVs,
5. Glorified Radios,
6. Glorified Gramophones

What they said was that computers would be used to
enable people to stretch their brains/minds.

Runtime Revolution allows people to stretch their
minds without a great, long, drawn-out cognitive
apprenticeship. You should see kids who have
previously only thought of computers as 1-6 above,
suddenly feel that "kick in the guts" when they
realise what can be done with computers.

And that Revolution is what we should be discussing.

Thank you, Joe Lewis Wilkins; but I, for one, will
find my own path to hell, without your help! At least,
I shall go to hell programming with Runtime Revolution

And, while we are still in the area of quasi-religious
terminology; I find working with Runtime Revolution a
positively Liberating and Uplifting experience - cue
the temple bells!

Share the Love, Richmond Mathewson


A Thorn in the flesh is better than a failed Systems Development Life Cycle.

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