launch app from browser

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Thu Jul 12 13:52:38 EDT 2007

Thanks for replies to my original question, but I guess either what I  
had in mind and thought would be simple either isn't possible at all,  
or I just didn't ask the question in a way that any normal person  
could understand what I was trying to say. Sorry about that.  When I  
say "launch an app from a browser" I do not mean launch or download  
an app on a server and I don't mean anything involving file down or  
uploading or anything of the sort.  I don't mean anything involving  
any connection to the web or another server or another machine at  
all.  I just mean "launch" in the simplest sense of the word - launch  
an app that resides on your hard drive.  For example on a Mac in Mac  
Help you are looking at the help file for connecting to the  
internet.  On that page in the help file there are links"open network  
diagnostics" and "open network preferences,"  which when clicked  
launch tose apps. These links do exactly what single clicking on a  
dock icon does or douple clicking on an app icon in the finder, or  
for that matter single clicking on an app icon in the Windows start  
menu or double clicking on an app shortcut on the desktop or on an  
app icon in the programs directory. All I want to know is whether or  
not you can have a hyperlink or button in an html document (that  
resides on your hard drive) and is open in your browser and that  
launches another application which also resides on your hard drive,  
exactly the way clicking on a mailto link in your browser opens your  
mail app or clicking on a link to a H.264 video file launches  
Quicktime Player.  Or just like clicking on a web link in a rev  
document launches your browser and internet connection or using  
"launch" in a rev script launches any app you want it to launch. In  
this case the app I want to lauch is a simple standalone created in Rev.



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