OT - Save the Mac Mini

Stephen Barncard stephenREVOLUTION at barncard.com
Wed Jul 11 13:48:16 EDT 2007

you could start up the mini in Target disk mode.
connect firewire bewteen machines. Mini off
boot mini while pressing the T key
firewire symbol will appear on mini's attached screen
volume in mini will appear on other machine's desktop as a firewire drive

or for more precise and easier moving of files, 
system-library-passwords, etc after upgrading to Tiger, use the 
Migration Assistant application that it comes with.

>Excellent thinking, Paul and others who have signed up. I'm not 
>currently using my Mini right now, but it serves as an excellent 
>Back-up for everything I'm doing. To save me some time, is there a 
>way that I can just hook the Mac Mini up to my Intel Mac as an 
>external hard drive? Maybe with a Firewird cable? Right now I  have 
>to transfer stuff to an external drive which is connected, then boot 
>up the Mini and transfer stuff again. I don't have any of my Macs 
>Networked for security reasons and my piece of mind. (smile)
>Joe Wilkins
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