Vista, UAC and Elevation in Rev

Ken Ray kray at
Wed Jul 11 13:00:38 EDT 2007

On Wed, 11 Jul 2007 20:07:26 +1000, Scott Kane wrote:

> Hi,
> Not sure if anybody has covered this but a few people mentioned a 
> while back something about elevation in Vista so as to get files in 
> the Program Files folder to be updateable (ie downloading an updated 
> library stack that lives with the main executable in Program Files on 
> Vista).  I've found a way of doing this (thanks to a member of the 
> ASP).  It's quite simple (and Vista legal).  One simply names an 
> executable charged with the task of performing the update to 
> "Update.exe".  This will elevate the app to full Admin and produce a 
> dialog in Vista for the Admin to Cancel or Allow the program to run.  
> If allowed the program can effectively download and save directly 
> into the relevant Program Files folder.

Unfortunately this does not work if the user is a "Standard User"... 
instead of the dialog with Cancel and Allow, you need to enter an 
administrator's password. You can *still* write the file into the 
Program Files folder and not have it virtualized, but it makes it 
difficult for non-Administrator-level user to get updates this way... 

Vista's a real PITA! 

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