Is it possible to automatically open OSX adressbook and import a vcf file?

William de Smet williamdesmet at
Wed Jul 11 11:05:49 CDT 2007

Thanks Ian and Klaus,

I got a nice icon now on OSX and I got it working.
I put this into the script:
launch  "/Users/william/Desktop/William.vcf" with

It took a while to get it going but I find out you have to write
"Address" in stead of "".

In the script I now ask where to put the .vcf file.
What if I am not the user of this litte stack. Do I have to use
Defaultfolder with this or are there other options?



2007/7/11, Ian Wood <revlist at>:
> Doh! That's what comes when I don't look up the terms before posting...
> Ian
> On 11 Jul 2007, at 15:51, Klaus Major wrote:
> > But won't probably work with "open" but with "launch"
> > ...
> > launch "path/to/vcf_file.vcf" with "path/to/"
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