Is it possible to automatically open OSX adressbook and import a vcf file?

Klaus Major klaus at
Wed Jul 11 09:15:54 CDT 2007

Dag Willem,

> Hi there,
> I am playing with Andre Garzia's vObject Package and I like it.
> The demo card outputs a .vcf file. I am on OSX and when I drop this
> file on OSX adressbook it imports a new card.

If you are missing the nice VCF icon on OS X, add this line right before
writing the data to the VCF file:

set the filetype to "????????"
## write data to VCF file...

This way the Finder is forced to determine the correct file type and  
icon by the file suffix :-)

> Is there a way in Rev to automatically (after creating the .vcf file)
> open the adressbook and import the .vcf card?

I'm sure this is possible with AppleScript.
Open the AppleScript Editopr and then the "dictionary" of the

I think "open ..." is the correct command to open/import a VCF file.

> greetings,
> William


Klaus Major
klaus at

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